How we offer premium quality without premium pricing.

We are often asked how we can make a machine with an all steel frame and gantry, servos, rapid positioning, precision linear components and a host of other options usually found on machines costing much more. Our answer is simple:

In comparison to some other top manufacturers Axis is a smaller operation. We have far less overhead than most of our competition. We also purchase raw materials and components in large enough quantities to be able to pass significant savings on to our customers. Even though we are smaller we are able to offer the uncompromised quality found in other great machinery that is typically much more costly. The only true difference is that we don’t have the expenses associated with larger companies.

Larger companies have sales teams, expensive marketing budgets, several employees, facility costs and various other expenses associated with producing fine machinery on a large scale. The cost of an operation has to be factored into a product cost. In comparison, Axis has a small administrative staff who often double as salespersons and a relatively small production staff who also have multiple responsibilities. Our engineers also double as machinists and fabricators. Axis owns its facilities outright and spends little on marketing. The bottom line is that there is much less costs that have to be accounted for in pricing our machinery. We have the same quality and standards of any other professional industrial quality machine yet can build them in a more economical manner.

Another area we are able to save some costs are on non-essential decorative elements. Most of our finishes have a basic 1 to 2 color scheme. We offer the option to eliminate skirts and other non-functional elements which can save thousands on a single machine. Our focus is on the components that offer the best functionality to preform the intended task.

Axis does NOT offer “budget” machinery. There are many manufacturers that do and usually achieve the target price by reducing the thickness of the steel for the frame and gantry (if steel is used at all) and assemble the machine with less than precision components. Our goal is to be able to offer the performance and precision ubiquitous to high dollar machinery but for less cost.

In one of our demonstrations we slam a heavy dead-blow hammer against our gantry while the machine is making a cut to show the impact doesn’t translate in to a finish error in the part. Rigidity is the key to excellent cuts and great finishes. We personally have yet to find another machine within our price range that offers the rigidity, speed and precision found in our machines. We are so confident in our quality we offer a money back guarantee and 10 year warranty. In addition to our robust machinery we also have 24/365 support and a national network of authorized service personnel should issues arise.

We sincerely thank you for considering Axis CNC and look forward to earning your business.